Willow Avenue Semi-D

Semi-D - Willow ButterflySemi-D_2265Willow Avenue Semi-D, Proposed Freehold development of 2-pair of 2-storey semi-detached dwelling house with an attic, private lap pool & jacuzzi at Willow Avenue, District 13. With reputable schools like Cedar Primary School, Cedar Girls’ Secondary School & Maris Stella High School (Primary) within close proximity, this is definitely an opportunity not to be missed!


Project Name  Semi-Detached House at Butterfly Avenue
Semi-Detached House at Willow Avenue
Developer  BenLand Realty Pte Ltd
Project Address  55 Butterfly Avenue & 10,10A,10B Willow Avenue
District  13
Tenure  Freehold
Total No. Of Units 4
10 Willow Ave Build:  441.30sqm / 4750.06sqf
Land:  232.25sqm / 2499.89sqf
10A Willow Ave Build:  442.46sqm / 4762.55sqf
Land:  232.10sqm / 2498.28sqf
10B Willow Ave Build:  423.89sqm / 4562.66sqf
Land:  227.10sqm / 2444.46sqf
55 Butterfly Ave Build:  392.95sqm / 4229.63sqf
Land:  208.65sqm / 2245.87sqf

Semi-D_2262Semi-D_2263IMG_2246Project details: A freehold Semi-Detached development that offers spaciousness, ample living area, exclusivity and privacy at a lower density living enclave of District 13.  Fulfilling a spacious dream home is the driving concept to the architectural design.  Come home to an expanse of lush greenery and indulge yourself to your very own tropical resort. This exclusive 2-storey Semi-D built with home lift and an attic is excellent for big families.  Have a dip in the pool, children running around in the garden, entertain your guest in your spacious living, without ever leaving home. Semi-D_2222Semi-D_2211 Semi-D_2200Semi-D_2233Lush living comes with all the convenience of living near Potong Pasir MRT, reputable schools such as Cedar Primary School, Cedar Girls’ Secondary School & Maria Stella High School (Primary).  Be awaken to the morning breeze and sunlight that shines through your house, be spoil with choices of great dining and indulge yourself with the urban thrills.10 Willow Ave

10A Willow Ave 10B Willow Ave 55 Bufferfly Ave

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