Sims Urban Oasis

Sims Urban Oasis | 99 Years Lease | District 14

Project Name: Sims Urban Oasis
Address: 60 Sims Drive Singapore 389999
Developer: GuocoLand Limited
Tenure: 99-year Leasehold
Expected TOP: 2020
# of Units: 1024

Sims Urban Oasis Sims Urban Oasis1 Formed of eight blocks, the Sims Urban Oasis is a 99-year leasehold condominium that will provide open spaces with lush greenery, vertical greens and pavilions aimed at giving occupants a wider range of outdoor activity. Residents will also enjoy a skypark on the 19th storey that will offer a panoramic view of the city’s skyline. Perhaps best of all, this jewel is nestled within a great location that’s really kicking off with a slew of exciting developments.

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1 Bedroom
1 Bedroom Loft
2 Bedrooms
2 Bedrooms Dual-Key
3 Bedrooms
4 Bedrooms




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