NeWest | 965 Years Lease | District 05

Address 3 West Coast Drive
District o5
Site Area 165,000 sqft
Tenure 956 Years Leasehold
Expected TOP 2017

Newest Commercial Pty 2
NeWest is a new mixed development of residential and commercial units. This project is conceived by a consortium led by Oxley Holdings on the en-bloc acquistion of the former Hong Leong Garden Shopping Center. Blends the best of retail and residential under one roof.

NeWest with 141 retail lining beautiful boulevards and astounding avenues, this unique property in the prestigious western part of Singapore has the ideal space for your business. From delightful eateries to eclectic start ups, you will find a wide variety of commercial establishments fit in well here.

Type Size Total of Units
Restaurants 474 – 872 sq ft 44 – Full Sold
Kiosks 151 – 624 sq ft 31 – Full Sold
Shops 269 – 829 sq ft 65
Supermarket 3,477 sq ft 01 – Full Sold

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